Sunday, 12 June 2011

Konjac Baby Sponge

I heard a lot of buzz about the Konjac Sponge from the beauty world but it wasn't until I watched a video on Zuneta, that I realised there was also a baby version. A bit of investigation on the Konjac Sponge website and I uncovered the fact that these sponges had originally been creates for babies skin.

I was especially interested in these as they exfoliate the skin gently whilst cleansing. All of my children suffer with slightly drier patches on their cheeks and there's a tendency for pores to block in areas where the skin that has not sloughed away properlt. I wouldn't consider using a grown up exfoliant on their skin but the sponges sounded perfect for the job.

Konjac sponge+baby1

Konjac sponge+baby2

The sponge comes pre-wetted in the packaging but when it's not in use the sponge will dry completely as you can see above. It needs to be soaked thoroughly pre-use but it quickly re-hydrates and becomes very soft and squishy to the touch. There's no roughness to it at all when wet. I rub the sponge all over the face, paying particular attention to their cheeks.  This is slightly harder work with baby who likes to eat it whenever she gets the chance!

Konjac sponge+baby5

Konjac sponge+baby6

The sponge has actually surpassed my expectations. It's made a huge difference to the skin on their faces. I've been using it for about three weeks but the difference was visible very quickly. Their skin feels softer and the roughness across the cheeks is noticeably reduced. I've also seen a big reduction in the number of whiteheads that pop up on their skin in the cheek and jaw area. It's a pleasure to use on their skin as it feels so soft and gentle and less upsetting to them than using soap on the face. Though of course you can combine these with soap or body wash if you choose.

I bought my sponge from and the baby sponge costs £5.26. It's been a great purchase and I will definitely be recommending these for my new nephews and niece.


  1. I've never heard of these before, but it sounds like just the thing I've been looking for. I don't have kids so I'll be getting the original version! Have you tried using it on yourself?

  2. Yes, funnily enough I tried it just after I wrote this. When I first heard mention of them I wasn't convinced that I would like it. It feels really nice though. I used it with a facial cleanser and my skin felt lovely afterwards. I've just got a grown up one and I can't wait to give it a try! I do think it's a nice alternative to scrubby exfoliators.

  3. Ah, good to know! I have really gotten into using a facial brush recently (I think mine was a Clinique GWP freebie) & prefer it to scrubby exfoliators for day to day. Will definitely be giving this a go!

  4. I got the pink one and I really like it because it's just so gentle and feels lovely on the skin - I hate the traditional harsh exfoliators so this is a nice alternative. I also might try using it after I shave my legs, I imagine it works really well against the ingrown hair. x

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