Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skin Bistro Pure Bliss Castille Soap


Skin Bistro Pure Castille soap is handmade and produced with organic extra virgin olive oil. Quite often other ingredients are mixed with olive oil in castille soap to create more foam (such as coconut and palm oil) but the more a soap foams, the more likely it is to dry the skin. This soap lathers only a little and feels very creamy.


I have been using this to wash the children for a couple of weeks now. Well, I say I have been using this soap but in actual fact I have been using the two small 'children sized' cubes I was sent along with the full sized bar. I was amazed at what a hit these mini-soaps have been. My two boys are rather fond of the Numberjacks and have decided the soap looks like one of the characters. This has been extremely useful when it comes to convincing my reluctant five year old that it's time to get washed!


The gentle lather feels lovely on their skin and mine too. I find it leaves skin with a polished feeling somehow. It's a different sensation to liquid soap/shower gel but it doesn't leave skin tight or dry like many other soaps do. The soap has a very mild scent, it's very clean with a hint of the olive oil it's made from.

It has not irritated any of their sensitive skins. I have noticed that none of them have suffered as much with dry skin since I started using this soap and the Forever Friends products that I have posted about previously. This is particularly good news for my three year old who was often scratching to the point of bleeding at night.


The Skin Bistro products available from are designed for grown ups, but the Pure Bliss Castille is suitable for all skin, young and old, including those with eczema and psoriasis. The Castille soap is free from preservatives and contains very few ingredients, the glycerine is not an addition rather it is a product of the soap making process. I believe this soap is also the base for their other soaps too such as the Choc Cake Exfoliant bar and Rice Pudding Facial Treat.

This is another thumbs up from the mini modesty crew. If only more things were shaped like Numberjacks life would be more simple!

Disclosure: This product was sent without cost for review purposes.

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  1. So glad this worked for your and your little ones! Sensitive skin may be hard to please sometimes. Thanks for the detailed post and, of course, the lovely pics!
    Just one thing intrigued me - I have to find out what Numberjacks are! ;-)