Monday, 16 April 2012

Little BU Launch Event at CdeC


I posted not long ago on my grown up blog about the water-based Little BU nail polishes range designed for little fingers like the ones above! The Little BU range is launching in CdeC, Cordelia de Castellane's gorgeous French children's clothes shop on the Fulham Road. To celebrate, there will be complimentary minicures for little ones from 3pm - 6.30pm on 19th April as well as a 15% discount on clothes for grown up shoppers.

If you're interested in attending, you can book an appointment for 19th April event by or +44 (0) 2072250708. Little BU will also be launching in CdeC stores in Paris and Brussels this summer.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nutribeauty Online Boutique

I'm so sorry there haven't been any posts for a while. I have been merrily using up items bought for the children and then promptly forgetting to write reviews. However, today I wanted to write a post to share the new online store which I came across via my grown-up blog.

Green People

Nutribeauty is a new online beauty boutique that stocks a variety of interesting and new natural brands. The focus is very much on health, beauty and wellbeing, as well as taking an holistic approach to beauty. Whilst browsing the site (research of course) I noticed that they stock a sizable range of natural products for children. It's the nicest selection that I have seen in a long time. There is a good spread of prices too which will suit a variety of budgets. Alongside staples like shampoo, baby wash and nappy balms, there are some lovely gift sets that would make ideal new baby presents.

Tiddley Pom 

The brands in the baby section are a mix of familiar names and lines that are totally new to me. I spotted Weleda, Dr. Bronner, Neals Yard and Green People on there. The Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Castille Soap is something I have already used and written about previously on Modesty Brown. The Tiddley Pom range is completely new to me but the cute name and pretty packaging really caught my eye. The Baby's First Spa Experience Gift Pack looks very nice and I have this in mind for a friend when her little one arrives.

I plan to buy a few bits and pieces for the children so you can look forward to some more reviews in the near future. Delivery is free with orders over £25 so I may well treat myself as well. Win, win!

Images from the website.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Konjac Baby Sponge

I heard a lot of buzz about the Konjac Sponge from the beauty world but it wasn't until I watched a video on Zuneta, that I realised there was also a baby version. A bit of investigation on the Konjac Sponge website and I uncovered the fact that these sponges had originally been creates for babies skin.

I was especially interested in these as they exfoliate the skin gently whilst cleansing. All of my children suffer with slightly drier patches on their cheeks and there's a tendency for pores to block in areas where the skin that has not sloughed away properlt. I wouldn't consider using a grown up exfoliant on their skin but the sponges sounded perfect for the job.

Konjac sponge+baby1

Konjac sponge+baby2

The sponge comes pre-wetted in the packaging but when it's not in use the sponge will dry completely as you can see above. It needs to be soaked thoroughly pre-use but it quickly re-hydrates and becomes very soft and squishy to the touch. There's no roughness to it at all when wet. I rub the sponge all over the face, paying particular attention to their cheeks.  This is slightly harder work with baby who likes to eat it whenever she gets the chance!

Konjac sponge+baby5

Konjac sponge+baby6

The sponge has actually surpassed my expectations. It's made a huge difference to the skin on their faces. I've been using it for about three weeks but the difference was visible very quickly. Their skin feels softer and the roughness across the cheeks is noticeably reduced. I've also seen a big reduction in the number of whiteheads that pop up on their skin in the cheek and jaw area. It's a pleasure to use on their skin as it feels so soft and gentle and less upsetting to them than using soap on the face. Though of course you can combine these with soap or body wash if you choose.

I bought my sponge from and the baby sponge costs £5.26. It's been a great purchase and I will definitely be recommending these for my new nephews and niece.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skin Bistro Pure Bliss Castille Soap


Skin Bistro Pure Castille soap is handmade and produced with organic extra virgin olive oil. Quite often other ingredients are mixed with olive oil in castille soap to create more foam (such as coconut and palm oil) but the more a soap foams, the more likely it is to dry the skin. This soap lathers only a little and feels very creamy.


I have been using this to wash the children for a couple of weeks now. Well, I say I have been using this soap but in actual fact I have been using the two small 'children sized' cubes I was sent along with the full sized bar. I was amazed at what a hit these mini-soaps have been. My two boys are rather fond of the Numberjacks and have decided the soap looks like one of the characters. This has been extremely useful when it comes to convincing my reluctant five year old that it's time to get washed!


The gentle lather feels lovely on their skin and mine too. I find it leaves skin with a polished feeling somehow. It's a different sensation to liquid soap/shower gel but it doesn't leave skin tight or dry like many other soaps do. The soap has a very mild scent, it's very clean with a hint of the olive oil it's made from.

It has not irritated any of their sensitive skins. I have noticed that none of them have suffered as much with dry skin since I started using this soap and the Forever Friends products that I have posted about previously. This is particularly good news for my three year old who was often scratching to the point of bleeding at night.


The Skin Bistro products available from are designed for grown ups, but the Pure Bliss Castille is suitable for all skin, young and old, including those with eczema and psoriasis. The Castille soap is free from preservatives and contains very few ingredients, the glycerine is not an addition rather it is a product of the soap making process. I believe this soap is also the base for their other soaps too such as the Choc Cake Exfoliant bar and Rice Pudding Facial Treat.

This is another thumbs up from the mini modesty crew. If only more things were shaped like Numberjacks life would be more simple!

Disclosure: This product was sent without cost for review purposes.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Forever Friends Naturals Review

Forever Friends Naturals is a baby skin care range that is designed for delicate skin. The products are free from Parabens, colours and Sulfates. The packaging is also recyclable.

I was sent three products to try; Splish Splash Bath Bubbles, Rub-a-dub 2-in-1 Shampoo and Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion. Although these products are designed for babies I have incorporated them in to the bath time routine for all three children.

As I mentioned in my initial post, all three children are prone to skin dryness and certain products cause eczema flair ups around the back of the knees. We've had none of these problems with this range. Both the bath bubbles and shampoo are clear liquids and quite similar in texture. Both are quite a 'loose' liquids rather than viscous and very easy to distribute. This is particularly useful in the case of the shampoo. Both the bath bubbles and shampoo foam to the same sort of degree as a sulfates containing formula. The shampoo (which also contains conditioner) rinses off easily which I like. I don't find that they dry the skin in the way that many foaming products do.

My favourite of the three products in the Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion. I've used this on baby's skin most of all. It's more of a cream formula than a lotion as it's not runny but it spreads very easily. Baby's skin is the most dry of all and this has made her skin beautifully soft and it smells lovely. It's not heavily scented but it has a delicate 'clean' scent to it. It's a real pleasure to use.

The products contain milder alternatives to Sulfates and I have included the list of ingredients for all three items. I have enjoyed using these products and they have been a real hit with the mini-MB crew. I think that if you're looking for something all 'natural' (whatever that really means) as opposed to free from particular ingredients, these may not be for you.

Splish Splash Bubble Bath

Rub-a-dub Shampoo

Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion

The range also includes a body wash and body butter. I think all of the products are reasonable priced; £4 for the bubble bath, 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash, £5 for the Cuddle Lotion and £6 for the body butter. I think with the cute packaging these would make a really nice baby gift too. The products are available to buy online from

Disclosure: These products were sent without cost for review purposes.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Little Idea

The idea for a new series of posts about children's skin and body care products came from an email conversation. I have three small children and I can be a little fussy about the things that I use on their skin. All of my children have quite dry skin and this is exacerbated by products with a lot of foaming detergent. All three of them have a patch of eczema that pops up behind the backs of their knees if I'm not careful with my choice of body wash or bath foam.

Over the past five years, I've tried all sorts: Johnson & Johnson, Little Me, Simple Babycare and several Supermarket own brands. One that I have returned to often is Halos n Horns. As I'm in the habit of reviewing the products that I try, I thought this would be an interesting extension of my usual blog posts. All I need now is the technical know how to insert this blog into a page on my usual site and we're good to go!